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1991 Hotel Pearl City Kobe opens in Kobe, Hyogo.
1993 Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay opens in Onna, Okinawa.
1997 Hachijo Sea-Park Resort opens in Hachijojima, Tokyo.
1998 Hotel Management International Co., Ltd. is established.
Hotel Pearl City Akita Kawabata opens in Akita.
Hotel Pearl City Akita Kanto Odori opens in Akita.
Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi opens in Akita.
Hotel Pearl City Sendai opens in Sendai, Miyagi.
Yatsushiro Grand Hotel opens in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto.
・His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Naruhito stays at Shuhoku Hotel on the occasion of 12th NIPPON Jamboree.
2000 ・The G7 Kyushu Okinawa Summit meetings are held in Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel; hosts stays of H.E.Mr.Jacques Chirac, President of French Republic and H.E. Joseph Jacques Jean Cr?tien, Prime Minister of Canada.
2001 Hotel Pearl City Morioka opens in Morioka, Iwate.
Hotel Pearl City Kesennuma opens in Kesennuma, Miyagi.
Hotel Heian no Mori Kyoto opens in Kyoto.
2003 Suwa Lake Side Hotel opens in Suwa, Nagano.
Hotel Hokuriku Koganoi opens at Katayamazu Onsen in Ishikawa.
Hotel Nankaiso opens in Shirahama, Chiba.
Misasa Royal Hotel opens at Misasa Onsen in Tottori.
Hotel Kirishima Castle opens at Kirishima Onsen in Kagoshima.
Motobu Green-Park Hotel opens in Motobu, Okinawa.
Hotel Pearl City Kurosaki opens in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka.
Hotel Crown Palais Kokura opens in Kokura, Fukuoka.
Hotel Crown Palais Shuhoku opens in Odate, Akita.
2005 Hotel Onoya opens at Yamashiro Onsen in Ishikawa.
2007 Hotel Crown Palais Kitakyushu opens in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka.
・With the concept of health and relaxation, HMI launches Hotel Wellness (Wellness Japanese Spa) series and Top Wellness (Sports & Cultural Center) series.
Hotel Wellness Asukaji opens in Nara.
Hotel Wellness Suzukaji opens at the Yunoyama Onsen in Mie.
Hotel Wellness Hokiji opens at Yoshioka Onsen in Tottori.
Top Wellness Kitakyushu Sports & Culture Center opens and is assigned to supervise sports and health-care facilities of Kitakyushu and Iizuka city governments.
Hotel Wellness Yamatoji opens in Nara.
Hotel Wellness Inabaji opens at Yoshioka Onsen in Tottori.
Top Wellness Mito opens in Ibaraki.
Top Wellness Ichinoseki opens in Iwate.
Nagasaki Baishokaku opens in Nagasaki.
Nagasaki Koyotei opens in Nagasaki.
Hotel Pearl City Sapporo opens in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu opens in Chiryu, Aichi.
Hotel Crown Palais Kofu opens in Kofu, Yamanashi.
2008 Hotel Pearl City Hachinohe opens in Hachinohe, Aomori.
Hotel Wellness Notoji opens at Chirihama Onsen in Ishikawa.
Hotel Ravie Kawaryo opens at Ito Onsen in Shizuoka.
Hotel Wellness Yokoteji opens in Akita.
Top Wellness Oita opens in Oita.
Hotel Crown Palais Aomori opens in Aomori.
Top Wellness Wakayama opens in Wakayama.
Hotel Kameya opens at Naruko Onsen in Miyagi.
Nagasaki Nisshokan opens in Nagasaki.
Hoseikan opens at Tamatsukuri Onen in Shimane.
Ryotei Yamanoi opens at Tamatsukuri Onen in Shimane.
Top Wellness Saitama opens in Saitama.
Their Majesties Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko stays at Hotel Crown Palais Shuhoku on occasion of the 59th Tree Planting Ceremony.
・Commemoration of 10th Anniversary of HMI's incorporation.
・HMI launches six new brands: "Hotel Crown Palais", "Resort Ryokan", "Sea-Park Hotel & Green-Park Hotel", "Hotel Pearl City", "Hotel Wellness" and "Top Wellness".
2009 Shibuya Creston Hotel opens in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Chofu Creston Hotel opens in Chofu, Tokyo.
Nagoya Creston Hotel opens in Nagoya, Aichi.
Daisenya opens at Hatake Onsen in Shizuoka.
Irago Sea-Park & Spa opens at Irago Cape in Aichi.
Hotel Crown Palais Hamamatsu opens in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
・HMI establishes HMI Hotel School to educate experts in Hotel operation and management skills.
・H. E. Xi Jinping, Vice President of the People's Republic of China, visited Kitakyushu-city and received an explanation on the city's environmental policies at Hotel Crown Palais Kitakyushu.
2010 ・April:Hotel Crown Palais Hamamatsu renovates guest rooms.
・June:Irago Sea-Park & Spa renovates guest rooms in main wing.
・July:Hotel Pearl City Morioka renovates guest rooms.
・September:Motobu Green-Park Hotel is fully renovated and has grand opening.
・October:Hotel Crown Palais Kitakyushu renovates guest rooms and restaurant "PRASHANTI".
・November:Hotel Crown Palais Kokura renovates guest rooms and banquet halls.
・November:Hotel Crown Palais Kofu renovates guest rooms and banquet halls.
・December:Hotel Pearl City Kurosaki renovates facade and lobby.
2011 ・HMI launches a new bridal brand "La Cherie".
・May:Hotel Crown Palais Shuhoku renovates the restaurant "PRASHANTI" and builds a new wedding chapel.
・August:Hotel Crown Palais Aomori renovates the wedding chapel and banquet halls.
・October:HMI affiliate company acquires Kobe Harborland Center Building including former Hotel New Otani Kobe facilities.
・November:Hotel Pearl City Kobe renovates banquet halls and opens Kobe Garden Spa.
2012 ・April:Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel renovates the outdoor pool.
・July:Grand opening of Hotel Crown Palais Kobe in Kobe, Hyogo.
・July:At Hotel Crown Palais Kobe, Governor Ido of Hyogo hosted a reception for H.E. Narendra Modi and accompanying delegation from Gujarat, India.
・October:Operation of Kochi Shin Hankyu Hotel in Kochi commences.
・December:Misasa Royal Hotel renovates guest rooms, lobby and banquet halls.
2013 ・January:Grand opening of The Crown Palais New Hankyu Kochi in Kochi.
・February:Grand opening of Ginza Creston in Ginza, Tokyo.
・July:Operation of Yumoto Kanko Hotel Saikyo in Yamaguchi commences.
2014 ・march:Grand Hotel HAMAMATSU open in Shizuoka.
2017 ・april:TSUMAGOI RESORT SAI NO SATO open in Shizuoka.