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Basic Policy

Basic Policy of Recruitment

HMI Hotel Group recruits creative people with motivation who think and act to win
“Smiles” of customers.
What can we do for customer’s smile at HMI Hotels and Ryokans?
How can we support to make customer’s life more productive through our
Sports Class and Culture Class?
How can we realize bridal couple’s dream to make their wedding party as
the best memory of their life?

We hope to welcome such motivated people to join our company who
collectively think about above questions together with us,
act aggressively, and regard customer's smile as their own incentive of work.

Basic Policy of Training

HMI Group believes tourism is “People's Industry”. “People” who are exposed to customers, are the origin of corporate value. Good character and professional growth of each employee directly increases corporate value.

HMI Group endeavors to cultivate human resources with aforementioned policies and always recruits candidates who have traditional sprit of “Japanese Hospitality ,
thinks and acts for customer's satisfaction based on their professional knowledge.

Basic policy of training